The Gregarious Railfan
Excursion Steam Locomotives
     These are the “Big Guys”, the primary love of many railfans. These are the restored steam engines that pull
full length excursion trains out on the main lines of Class 1 railroads.  Differentiated from tourist line steam engines,
these engines are generally classy looking, fully operational, well financed and meet all the federal laws to operate
commercially on the class one railroads.  This is a small list and there are a few engines that qualify for this list but
run less frequently than the others, and escape my memory as I compile this list.  I will add them to the list as I
remember or run across them again.
   The Federal Railroad Administration maintains strict laws for the operation and safety of steam locomotives in
the modern era. Rules promulgated  in 1999 take up 90 pages in the Federal Register.  See the link: here.  The
rules include stipulations for 31 day, 92 day, and annual inspections as well as a 1472 day (4 year) boiler inspection
which includes a full tear down and rebuild of the boiler. In addition, insurance cost are astronomical.  Logistics of fuel
and water need careful thought and many unanticipated  other things can throw up roadblocks, but railfans and
corporations continue to fund these magnificent machines with donations and high excursion ticket prices because they
love steam.  

The list below is in no particular order and is by no means complete. I can't remember them all. Senility is fast
approaching, (help me here, If you know of a qualifying locomotive not listed here please let me know. See my

Steam Inspection requirements   
A NEW Steam Locomotive?   
 Union Pacific has three locomotives in it's corporate Steam Program based in Cheyenne, WY