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Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railway
Personal note: This railroad just has a real neat name. and it's MY website, so I made a page  TGR
Description:   The COER started out as an attempt to create a excursion/tour railroad in 1972 and in 1977 because
the Illinois Central Sought to abandon the Freight Service in Marion IL The COER decided to save freight service there
and became a steam powered common carrier railroad eventually dropping the tour services. The Crab Orchard &
Egyptian Railroad is famous for being the last carrier in North America to make regular use of steam in revenue freight
service (1977 to 1986).  COER operates freight service from a connection with UP at Marion, Illinois with 8.5 miles
of track.  A separate five-mile branch operates from a BNSF connection at Herrin, Illinois.  Traffic includes grain,
fertilizer,lumber, coal, paper, steel, oil products, chemicals, scrap iron and manufactured goods.
CO&E Railroad System Map
("Herrin District" above, "Marion District" below)
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