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The Columbia River Gorge
Webmasters note:  Again the Columbia River Gorge is not a single place it is a 100 mile stretch of the Columbia
River from Portland OR/Vancouver WA to Boardman OR.  The BNSF Runs on the Washington (north) side of the
Columbia River and the Union Pacific runs on the Oregon (south) side of the river. Bridges cross the Columbia at
Bridge of the Gods, N 45.66236, W 121.90136; Hood River, OR, N 45.71671, W 121.49657; The Dalles, OR,
N 45.61100, W 121.14043; and Biggs Junction, OR, N 45.67587, W 120.83617.  

**Columbia River Gorge railfanning was featured in TRAINS Magazine, Hot Spots, March, 2017

I have little more to add outside of the links for Weather, and Google map and the above info, so I will rely on 2 links
for the best descriptions.  
Railfanning the Columbia River Gorge   
Alone with BNSF in The Columbia River Gorge   
.             Rare 2 trains "Over/ Under" each other: Drone view 11/3/2018   

Google map   

Scanner: BNSF see first article above along with a good timetable, UP 160.515 [27]

Railroads: BNSF Northwest Div, Fallbridge Sub; UP Northwest Div, Portland Sub, & Oregon Sub

Approximate # of trains in 24 hours:  50+
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