The Gregarious Railfan
Even longtime railfans have on occasion run across names of railroad places with which they are not familiar. This is my
attempt to create an alphabetical, comprehensive list of places to reference. I provide simple descriptions, significance,
and general or specific location as appropriate to help those who would like to learn about those places. Many of places
have pages on my website and if so, I will provide a link. In some cases I will provide other links if I can. Some of the
places won't require additional entries.
I first encountered many of these places in the classic, self-published book by Ernest H. Roble - AMERICA'S CLASSIC
RAILROAD PLACES, published in 1998. This book has minimal information about many of the places but is an excellent
source for primary information. It is out of print and very difficult to find, even online; but would make a valuable
resource for any railfan.
There is no way that a list like this could ever be considered complete, but when I'm as finished as I can get I hope
that I can consider it comprehensive. As always I will encourage additions and corrections. See my
Contact Page.

an alphabetical list
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