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RR Car Ferries on Lake Michigan
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Description: The Ann Arbor Railroad, Grand Trunk, and Pere Marquette/Chesapeake and Ohio all ran train ferries across
Lake Michigan. Several of these also carried passengers in the upper decks.

Ann Arbor Railroad ran ferries from Betsie Lake, Frankfort (earlier called Elberta), Michigan to Kewaunee, Wisconsin
from 1892, and Manitowoc, Wisconsin from 1896. Later to Milwaukee. Service ended in 1982.

Grand Trunk Milwaukee Car Ferry Company ran rail ferries from Grand Haven, Michigan to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from
1903 to 1933. From 1933 to 1978 the route was Muskegon to Milwaukee.

Pere Marquette Railway, later part of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, ran rail ferries from Ludington to Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, Kewaunee, Wisconsin and Manitowoc, Wisconsin . The last route (Kewaunee) ended on July 1, 1983.
Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Company acquired the ferries and ran until 1990.
Ann Arbor RR Dock locations in Elberta MI
N 44.62891, W 86.23944
The GTW car ferry docks in Grand Haven MI were located in the area where the PM Steam Engine 1223 now sits, and
the GTW Coal Tipple still stands in it's original location. N 43.06822, W 86.23121 See The
Grand Haven Page
The PM car ferry docks in Ludington MI were located at N 43.94892, W 86.45087 and still serve the Badger cross
Lake Ferry
The PM car ferry docks in Manitowoc, Wi were located at N 44.09017, W 87.65125 and still serve the Badger.
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C&O Car Ferries 'Badger' & 'Spartan' Google image
Highway entrance to Frankfort, MI  Google image
Ann Arbor Car Ferry #6  Google image
GT Car Ferry 'Grand Haven'  Google image
GT Car Ferry at the Dock in Grand Haven  Google image
Retired Ann Arbor Car Ferry  Arthur K. Atkinson(?) in storage
at Elberta MI  (circa 1985 - 1995)
Another retired Ann Arbor Car Ferry in storage at
Frankfort MI  (circa ?)
GTW Car Ferry Milwaukee leaving Grand Haven  From the collection
of Doug Bies
GTW Car Ferry Milwaukee arriving at Grand Haven  From the
collection of Doug Bies
Unknown GTW Car Ferry leaving Grand Haven  From the collection
of Doug Bies
Editors note: I have been a little parochial in my treatment of car ferries in America. I have only highlighted Lake Michigan Car
Ferries here because #1, I live near Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, MI and #2, Car Ferries are an intregal part of local railroad
history in my home town, Grand Haven.  TGR