The Gregarious Railfan
Railroad Business Trains
 Railroads use business trains for a variety of reasons; they are generally the Flagships of the Fleet, the PR face of
the road put forth to project a positive image of the railroad to the general public. They are used as travelling
conferences for rail executive to visit rail facilities “On the line”. They are used to entertain current and prospective
customers, and show routes their products will travel. Frequently they will offer railfan excursions or employee bonus
 The locomotives used on these trains are often restored and updated historic locomotives. The passenger cars are
often opulently refinished passenger cars in various configurations (coaches, kitchens and diners, sleepers, conference cars,
rear end inspection cars, and private observation cars for the use of RR executives) and the consists change to fit the
purpose of the trip.
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BNSF Executive Business Train by stumptownnative7
‘NS executive train’ page by Akron Railroad Club
Amtrak special