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Burnside Bridge, KY
GPS: N 36.99667, W 84.60723

Scanner: NS 160.950 [56]

Railroad:  Norfolk Southern Kentucky Division, CNOT Sub  

Railfan Access: Very Limited

Description:  Burnside Bridge in Burnside KY is located on Norfolk Southern’s “Rathole Line”, NS’s mainline freight
route from Cincinnati to Chattanooga. This line sees about 40 trains a day. Views of the Bridge can be seen from the
wide shoulder of the Highway US-27 bridge crossing the Cumberland River. I am not certain of the legality of parking
there but that is where all the picture Ive seen of the bridge have been taken. However, you’re on your own.  I am
only guessing, but traditional railfanning could be had in the town of Burnside.
NS's 2nd District; Part 4: Burnside, KY - ACe's (Old and New), Canadians, the Bridge, and More by CSXAC4400CWno5112
The last minute of this video shows a NS Coal train crossing the Rail Bridge.
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