The Gregarious Railfan
Railroad Bridges and Viaducts
Most railfans photograph trains as a part of their hobby and like me most get tired of the same old “roster Shots”
that ¾ view of a train engine coming at you. There are two problems in getting those scenic shots available
throughout this great land. First, accessibility to those locations is not always easy and second those areas are not
always fun and comfortable places to “just watch trains”. One of the great ways to get scenic shots is to get a
picture of a train on a bridge. And for some that is a way to enjoy the hobby. Of course there are other places for
scenic shots, but here with this list I will try to link info about some famous and not so famous railroad bridges.
Bridges tend to be interesting on their own right and so I’ll try to impart a little more info than just their location.  
This list is by no means complete, But I hope you enjoy the effort.
I do encourage contributions or even suggestions for this page.
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Bridge Pages   . includes a huge number of railroad bridges in it's database  
John A. Weeks III bridge pages include many RR bridges in the St Paul area  Not exclusively RR Bridges but includes quite a few RR bridges