The Gregarious Railfan
The Gregarious Railfan
Black Mesa And Lake Powell Railroad
Description:  The BL&LP RR is an all electric railroad whose reason for existence is to haul coal 78 miles from the
Kayenta Mine in Kayenta AZ to the Salt River Project Navajo Generating Station in Page AZ   Owned by the Navajo
Nation,this railroad is completely isolated from the national rail network and does not interchange with any other
railroads. The Railroads roster is composed of six of the 'newer' ex-NdeM E60C-2s acquired in the late 1990s. During
normal operations, the railroad operates 3 round trips per day on a 24-hour-per-day basis.  The railroad can be viewed
at various places along U.S. Highway 160.  The electricity for the Locomotives is furnished by overhead catenary with
the electricity furnished by the Navajo Generating Station
Also: The Navajo Mine Railroad,  The Navajo Mine Railroad (reporting mark TNMR) is an electrified private railroad
operating in New Mexico, USA, within the Navajo Nation. It operates 14 miles of track between the Four Corners
Generating Station and BHP Billiton's Navajo Coal Mine. <
Wikipedia Article>
Personal note: I originally saw this railroad in 2013 on a tour of National Parks out West, but failed to take any
pictures at the time. Recently, (2015) My sister was on another tour and took pictures to send to me. That
precipitated my interest in creating this page, and even though this may not be a true railfan destination, maybe
railfans who have seen the BM&LP RR would like more info.  It certainly is an interesting railroad. And I find myself
now expanding the scope of the Gregarious Railfan Website again.  TGR
My sister's pictures <clik to enlarge>
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Navajo Generating Station
The catenary wires