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October 2015 (rev March 2018)
Description:   Artrain is a non-profit traveling art museum on a train. It currentlyconsists of three gallery cars, with
two more cars in support, The number of exhibit cars is constrained by the total train-length restriction (longer trains
require longer sidings, reducing the number of sites that could host the train). Artrain travels widely in a given region
of the United States, with the region changing every year.
(Wikipedia)  Many years the paint schemes on the cars were
changed to reflect that year's art theme.  Power for the train is provided by the host railroad for the region. The
AAR reporting marks for Artrain cars are ARTX
Pictures   <Google images clik thumbnails to enlarge>  

    Disclaimer: The following pictures are taken from the website, Passenger Car Photo Index, self proclaimed “the best resource on the web for
    finding North American railroad passenger car photos!!!” and it is the best archive for passenger car photos I’ve seen on the web. I have not
    found contact information for the webmaster, so I have not obtained permission for use of these pictures and I also do not have contact info for
    those few pictures that show a copyright.  So I depend on the good graces of those; and copyright owners have an objection to use, contact me
    (<clik for contact info>), hopefully give me a chance to obtain that permission, or if necessary, I will remove the photo.