The Gregarious Railfan
A note about my restaurant and lodging suggestions.
My choices for listing restaurants and lodging are guided by MY likes and dislikes, so I will explain
them and you should make different choices if you disagree with my preferences.  My second hobby
is road tripping and my philosophy is this. When it comes to restaurants, I like to be adventurous
sometimes so I avoid chain restaurants most of the time. I avoid a McDonalds or an Applebee's
simply because I have those places at home so they are nothing new. I do often stay on the
cheaper side of eateries. I am not afraid to eat at a greasy spoon, a Ma & Pa place, or a dive bar,
Some times I've had remarkable meals at these places and if not, I just move on and remember not
to return. Sometimes, if I am flush with cash, I WILL eat at a fancy steakhouse or an upscale
chain restaurant. An exception to the chain rule for me is breakfast, I LIKE Waffle House, Huddle
House and Denny's for breakfast; and sometimes McDonalds is simply the best choice; but I always
stay flexible.  Also a note about pizza restaurants; My hometown is blessed with two of the best
pizza taverns in the world., so I VERY rarely even look to eat at a pizza joint unless I get an
outstanding recommendation from a local railfan. Even then, I have only found one or two pizza
places to add to any pages outside my hometown page.
When it comes to lodging, I want cleanliness, comfort, and predictability so I pick chain hotels and
maybe spend a little more for that. My favorite chains for value are Best Western, Super 8, and
Comfort Inns; so all of these thoughts drive my suggestions on these pages. And last, I am a
person who likes to unwind after a day of train watching with a cocktail or beer with my dinner so
this is the reason for the "Pub & Grub" designation.
My suggestions do not necessarily mean that I have experienced individual properties first hand, but
if not, I have done a reasonable amount of research online to satisfy me.

The Gregarious Railfan