The Gregarious Railfan
Private page for RR bridge stuff
List of bridges to make pages for:

Clio trestle (Feather River)   
Copper Creek Viaduct   
Crescent Rail Bridge   
Devil's Gate Viaduct   
Dubuque Rail Bridge   
Fort Madison Toll Bridge   
Government Bridge   
Harpers Ferry Bridges   
High Bridge, KY   
When built in 1877, High Bridge was the highest railroad trestle in the world. As part of the busiest north-south route in the nation,
it is still used heavily today. The park features a Victorian style pavilion, picnic facilities and playground.
Huey P. Long Bridge (Jefferson Parish)   
Illinois Central Missouri River Bridge   
James River Trestle, Lynchburg, VA   
Keddie Trestle   
Keithsburg Rail Bridge   
Keokuk Rail Bridge    
Lake Celilo Bridge   
Marent Trestle    
Moodna Viaduct   
Pecos River Bridge   29.758572, -101.357649   
Rockville Bridge   also see   
Sabula Rail Bridge  
also see    
Salmon Bay Bridge, Edmonds, WA   
Suisun Bay Bridge   
Tennessee River Lift Bridge at Chattanooga   
Two Medicine River Bridge